How I waste my time

The past week I learned how not to waste time:

 1.) Sit on your ass and complain about life
 2.) Whine about having nothing to do
 3.) Stalking people on Facebook makes me feel even worse
 4.) Don't try to make yourself sound like your doing something productive.. when your really not
 5.) Don't tell people you have nothing to do. It makes you look sad/pathetic

 How to waste your time effectively:
 1.) Watch Nikita. Nuff said
 2.) Make a schedule of the things you are supposed to be doing but won't ever get around to actually crossing them off the list.
3.) Make future plans with your friends and then overlapping those plans because you know they will bail last minute.
4.) Plan your life, even though it never goes according to plan

5.) Work out. At least it makes you feel better.

 So I think I should probably stop wasting time now?

Something more productive :
Wednesday, October 26, 2011 @ 2:01 PM / 0 cupcakes

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