Bonjour from Bloody cold P.A.R.I.S

Here I am typing away on my mac-pro with no one around in the lobby, plugged away at the central of Paris in a place called Montfleuri <3. My location is 3 minutes away from Arc de Triomphe and about umm a good 15 minutes from Champ Elysee... ! I am a lucky lucky girl that has been blessed truly...

I can imagine my friends in London/ Vancouver/HK/okay anywhere really hating me for this... If I could I would bring all of you with me... in a heartbeat I would!

P  A  R  I  S

baby I freaking love you! So unpractical, unrealistic and absolutely romantic <3 its the kind of life I would want to live if I was going to elope with a  cute french boy ! haha not that I would :S...

A lot has happened in the past few days that I really don't know how to recap online, as I realize having a blog is way more difficult to keep than a diary. Who knows where these people that read my page are from.... not that I really care. I have literally 21 total page views and I hope to keep it this way! hahah I readd from a famous east-asia blogger ;) that you should never create a blog hoping to become famous so there it is!

You always hear that paris is a place full of passion and thriving in emotional hormones and its quite true. One night in Paris I spelt nearly 8 years of pent up rage... it felt good.

Really strange things happen to you when your here, I don't know if its because Im a huge tourist and I believe all these speculations but Paris really has the ability to loosen a person up..

That sounded off...

I mean today; was given $2000 euro to buy LV bags.. people in china REALLY want those bags.. its ridiculous

did not know you could be SO in love with a city <3

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