Mom here

My moms quite hilarious...
I was late to pick her airport which wasn't the best start to the week but apparently her flight circled in the air waiting for a parking space. 
Yay for bad airplane parking!

I arrived fashionably late.. in my .. worse attire possible. And apparently my skin sensed it was going to be assessment this week and sprung 3 pimples on the day... uhm from the time I picked up my mom till now I have grown another 2 .... yay me.

Quote of the day:

'Don't open the window too wide, my friend who was pregnant once opened the window too wide and her face was turned lopsided*... it took two weeks to heal!'

first of all... since when was I pregnant .. thanks mom =_=...

*disclaimer, I not saying this to make fun of my mom, nor people with lopsided faces 'a hum' lani (:

I just found it kind of out of context considering I am not only not weak nor pregnant... there isn't even wind blowing 2:37am on a saturday night!

Okay back to my assessment work (:

Saturday, November 12, 2011 @ 6:31 PM / 0 cupcakes

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