Somewhat more intimate

Those that know me... well don't know me very well. I've been told I come off as SHY, meek, IMMATURE, cute, ANNOYING, bratty, Mature, Timid,Brave, but quite frankly I'm not even sure what I really am... 

It's come to that time of the year where I have to go back through my works and re-evaluate them ... make them better and so forth. 

My mom has joined me here in London for a few nights and after next week tuesday day we well be saying bonjour~ to the city of Paris`

How can I concentrate with that in mind? Well I guess it does help to blog a little...

A few nights ago when I couldn't really fall asleep, but couldn't make the effort to read a book I decided to experiment with some photography. If you know me then really you can't expect anything too weird but these photographs somehow ended up being very risqué and alarming... so much so that it wasn't possible for me to post them up for the public. 

I found a few more subtle ones to share with .. well the whole world wide web.

The photos I wouldn't say are too intense, but for me... kind of is. I'm really out there when I'm by myself, sometimes I get freaked out by the things my subconscious thinks about

Saturday, November 12, 2011 @ 7:38 AM / 0 cupcakes

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