Back in the Cubicle

My room definitely shrunk. From the massive house I had back in Surrey to this confined, messy square. Who said I didn't give anything up to move to London!

I have a few things to mention from my flight with Air Transit. First of all, thanks to my sweet sister for booking a plane ticket without those private cinema screens in front of you! Thanks (:

But to be honest I didn't even notice until towards the end of my flight cause I was dead.. dead asleep. It's weird because I'm the one that never falls asleep. I'd always poke at my sister to get her to wake up.. just because I was bored.

Had a chance to hang out with the roommate last night for some catching up and bonding time. We hit a Italian restaurant called Vapianos which I recommend to ANYONE, its absolutely amazing and pretty under the radar I would say.
You get your pasta made to order right in front of you with the freshest pasta. Made within a matter of minutes before your eyes, you can even see the ingredients go in one by one. Really re-assuring.

Click below to find your nearest location!

Made an extra effort to hit the gym this morning, really proud of myself for not sleeping in. It's really hard for me to get things done in London since there's virtually no one around to nag me! I feel so at peace it scares me sometimes...
Speaking of Scare this latest look I did for Maria showcases not only her bodily curves but the contures of her gorgeous eyes! As much as it seemed natural for Maria, she was deathly scared of both my eyelash curler and the idea of 'tight lining'.
It's amazing how effortless she looks in this snapshot I took of her! Thanks to Lani for doing Maria's hair and also giving me a scalding burn (FYI has started to rise ).

Beautiful Monster

The makeup for this look was inspired by a magazine I nabbed from Cafe Media back in Vancouver.
I don't think it's possible to purchase in London, extremely disspointing but at least I can sign up for updates!

Model Flavia de Olivera, striking look from 'Future Noir'
To see additional photos of the look click
To see my take on the look and additional photos from visit my flickr:

Stay tuned for future updates that I promise you will be happening sometime this week!

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