Time to Refurbish

I realized partly what caused me to be more productive in Vancouver was the fact that my room has 4 times the size but also it wasn't cluttered with random non-art related items. I look to the left i see my laptop wires, blackberry charger, misc perfume bottles... to the right I see some circle lens containers, lollipops (wtf), cotton pads, hair brushes, left over crumbs, spoons (??), nail clipper, eye lash curler.... you get the jist! It doesn't make sense not to clean out my room ... so from


seriously... I'm not even sure what's in that pink bag!

nail polish remover. .. really shannon?!

To Something like this:

with wall art and all ^_____^

I'm hoping by the end of the week I can organize a work space for me to fully operate creatively!
On the list to purchase for this week.. : 
Chemicals to develop film (this may or not happen as I could probably use the school's facilities... PROBABLY)
An alarm clock that freaking WORKS, I hate my phone, too easy to snooze through mornings.

Mind that it's 7:48AM and I still have to write a proposal for my upcoming project!

I already started some experimentation over the weekend on the rooftop so those photos will be up when I get photoshop working!


Sunday, January 8, 2012 @ 11:46 PM / 0 cupcakes

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