Wake up in a Dream

In Vancouver but will be flying to London tomorrow!

Sometimes all I want to do is sleep in.. that dreamy state where you don't have anything to worry about. Everytime one falls asleep they can choose to return to reality or Wake in a Dream.

I would love to wake up in a dream and have the option to escape this reality of a world whenever I do intend to.


The inspiration for this shoot came from several talented photographer on Flickr of whom I follow as well Photographer Gregory Harris's spread in 'The Block Magazine' with model Ruby Jean Wilson from FORD model.

I finally have the space I need to pin up sources of inspiration, whereas if I were in my flat in London, they would be compiled into a sketchbook. That's always depressing.

Fujifilm Polaroid

Needless to mention, Jen was a brilliant model, complete natural (:

To see more of Jen's set of photos visit this link below:

Please Check back often to see updates on my portfolio work!
January-March is going to be full of scheduled shoots!

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