London Fashion Week: Temperley London AW 2012-2013

 Temperley London.

Once again, still in awe at how grand the space was compared ... well I didn't have much to compare with as this was my first show ever! The queue leading up to the show was chaotic to say the least. I ran around central London from one street to another (between Victoria and Embarkment station) looking for signs of LFW. It was only when I stumbled upon 'Birdcage Walk' that I saw a few vans parked outside with recognizable logos. The time was 6:45 and I knew that being 'fashionably late' did not really apply...
With sweat stained hair and I'm assuming smeared makeup I walked up the steps only to realize I'm at the back of the queue. Lovely.

I was given tickets thanks to Jiro unable to be at two places at the same time. I was not at the best spot to capture the models strutting out. As you can see throughout the images, caught behind crowns of hair and this one particular camera man that would not hold his equipment lower. 

The designer herself making an appearance at the end of the show! I love how genuinely happy Alice Temperley's presence comes across.

Crowd flushes out after the show.

The Fashion World is fierce baby.

Paparazzi waiting to snap shots of celebrities/models/fashionistas.

A collection inspired by “Paintings and portraits from the beginning of the Renaissance movement, rich damask textures, tapestries and wallpapers with ornate jewel-tone colour palettes and elaborate gilt carvings and sculpture.”- Alice Temperley

It was a magical experience, from the ballroom to the fuzzy hats propped on each model. 

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