Personal thoughts on Temperley London

My prom dress was from Temperley London, well correction the prom dress I never wore. I purchased this gorgeous satin cocktail dress with mirror embellishment and ruffle detailing. The dress was on sale for a fraction of the original price, around $900 dollars -real bargain I know!

The reason for the label-still-attatchedness was because the size on the label was 8. I apparently thought I could 'lose weight' during that month to squeeze into the dress. Big mistake.

The dress had layers upon layers underneath that created that intricate folds up the thighs. This was a pain to actually wear. I literally couldn't breathe/move/walk/stand in this dress!

That was when I realized I could never wear a size 8 in my life...

The dress which still sits in my closet.

Never did I dream of being in the same room as the designer that made my dream-never-worn prom dress!

Pictures will follow within the hour.

Just in case anyone was interested.. this was the dress I wore for prom! Not designer but replicating the similar style of Temperley London's flowly elegant evening gowns.

my original prom dress

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