If I haven't already vented to the world enough, I've recently deleted by entire iPhoto library. Before you scoff at me for using iPhoto, note that there was a time I wasn't as privileged and did not have photoshop readily available. The next best thing to me ended up being iPhoto. It was incredibly easy to press that delete button. While cleaning up miscellanous photos scattered across my driver I didn't give the IPhoto library a second though. It couldn't be just ONE library that contained all my photos I thought......

Oh yah, Mac decided to not implement ANY warnings whatsoever. Nope just assumed we were all smart enough to realize the library was condensed into a flimsy little icon.

TUHPH@#(Y@&T @#@ #& !@!!!

Our society has warning labels for HOT DRINKS and WET FLOORS but none for deleting an entire library of BEAUTIFUL IMAGES?!?!!/ [sorry but I do consider some of them rather nice photos]

This is just wrong. Now I'm debating between a few external hard rives, I won't be cheap this time around, I only want the best for my Macbook, and I swear if something goes wrong and I lose my images... will personally kill.. the next moving thing around me.
Sunday, March 18, 2012 @ 1:42 PM / 0 cupcakes

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