portfolio work is always a work in progress

I spent the duration of the past few weeks preparing my portfolio which is now already assembled but it doesn't doesn't hurt to do some online reflection does it?
That was a really long sentence..probably wasn't even a proper one.

The total cost of the mount boards was over £15 while the prints this time around were close to £10. It's odd that the prints would be cheaper.
No one really knows how to tell you the portfolio process is quite painful. I had no idea what was considered "stronger work" or merely another attempt at professionalism. I devised a way of choosing work. It wasn't so much as a strategy as me being frustrated with the sheer magnitude of images to sort through.

Half was mere feeling.

The other was to insert variety.

I'll be uploading one photo a day for a little less than a month. Every photo has been printed and was brought to my interview, meaning they are indeed all 'Fashion Photography' images. 

Click that:

I have my other portfolio which I prepared for a few Fine Art/Commercial photography course that will follow after this series is complete! 

Stay tuned?

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