Dip Dye Hair

Dip-Dye, Ombre Dye hair has been such a trend this season... but it was around way before it became popular. It started out more as dyed hair that has overgrown it's "touch up" phase. This worn in, bohemian grunge look can be adopted by anyone really! I pulled some examples I found one night... Inspiration for what I want to do with my boring ol' hair.

This is probably the easiest version of the bunch to do! As you can kind of tell... her hair is bleached lightly at the tips to mid length giving it a orange/burnt tone. 

Rachel Bilson is definitely my favourite of the bunch! It's sophisticated and the two-toned layering of dark-almost raven coloured hair is lighted with lowlights and blonde tips. It's not really dip-dye... more like a bridge between the DIY'ness of Ombre hair as opposed to expensive salon highlited/lowlighted tresses.

I have done this to both my hair and a couple other's before... through my trial and error I hope you can learn from well.. my mistakes! 

Will post results later in the week (: !

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