Street Style in London Soho

I was waiting for the weather to get slightly better... but obviously that didn't happen. With London's frequently changing, bipolar weather there was no easy way to do these photos.

This was a Street Style shoot for a magazine named 'Bricolage*' which is based in London. It seems fitting that the style they personify is eclectic, vintage, trendy and original at once. This seems like quite a daunting task but it wasn't as hard as you think if you live here.. right here in the big smoke. With the grey cast and the never-ending variety of person's flooding in whether to study, work or play. It goes without saying that we offer some of the most amazing personalities, looks and pieces of art any city can offer.

I would like to thank everyone who agreed to participate, feel free to take the photos for you're personal enjoyment... after you credit me (:

*(in art) a piece of makeshift handiwork. 

Oxford Circus

Jamie Boyle
Shirt-Marks & Spencers
Jamie was slightly embarrassed to disclose the brands behind his attire, claiming that expensive accessories make the whole look well.. 'expensive'. I had to agree, sometimes a chic bag,
What do you guys think?

Bag- Louis Vutton
Belt- Vienne Westwood
ASOS shoes

Vintage everything!

her nails are adorable..


Jacket- Alexander Wang
Bag- Alexander Wang
Trousers- Zara
Loeffler Randall shoes

Chic outfit with a sport edge, one of the most original outfits seen today!

Lovely use of orange as an accent!

Amelia? (Sorry your name got ripped off)
Bag- Mulberry

Vintage scarf
Bag- Topshop
Jacket- LOFT
Trousers- ZARA
Clarks shoes

Layering with accessories, delicate rings stacked parallel

Isa, 19

Jacket-Army Plus Store Damage 311 
Bag- River Island
Shirt-Top Shop
Leggings- Top Shop
Dr. Marten Shoes

The floral needle patterns reminiscent my grandma's super elaborate tops. Of course in the best way possible.

Matt, 20
Studying French and Spanish at Oxford University
Jacket- Hollister
Trousers- Zara
Shoes- Italian?

Those eyes... looks like I have to make a trip to Oxford for model scouting ;)

Sam, 20 & Lucy, 22
Shirt- Gap
Jacket- Gap
Jeans- Dr Denim
Dr. Marten Shoes

Jacket- ASOS
Vintage skirt
Dr. Marten Shoes

How cute, matching DMs!

I'm a little too tired to upload anymore photos, will be updating in the next few days! If you don't see your photos here I apologize!

Hope to see everyone next time I go out shooting... with my camera!

Shout out to Unicorn! Your awesome.
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