LCM: James Long's AW 13; Pleats, Tucks, and Divine smiling back at us

“It's a show that is inspired by all things John Waters and a special interest in marquetry.” -James Long

divine sees you

British Menswear designer James Long, graduate of RCA opened his show at London Collection: Mens with boys dressed in his latest AW Collection. This collection is said to of been inspired by all things John Waters & Marquetry. This being said I had no idea who or what these people/things were. 

John Waters is this guy:

An American filmmaker & actor who became known through his early 1970 cult films. His evil and playful sense of mockery on society is truly endearing. 

Marquetry is this:

Applying pieces of veneer (another term for thin slices of wood) to a structure to form decorative overlays, pictures and patterns.

This is evident in Long's collection composed of oversized coats with a demure sheen alongside quilted sleeve bombers. There is volume through the use of padding and the cinching of the knit into the trousers as well as the ankles. 

Luxe hoodies capped the boys while knits peeked out in an array of muddy tinged colours. The texture and use of crudely-stictched faces balanced out the overall use of reflective threads and materials. 

The Jame's Long man will be bunched, tucked and gathered with an array of funky yet elegantly crafted pieces. 

I throughly enjoyed the show, although I always feel as if it is goes by much faster then anticipated.
There was also a lovely coffee bar where all the fashionistas loaded up on the caffeine.

Thanks to Jiro letting me tag along <3

All Photos were capture by Shannon Tao.

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