LCM: Pop-Up Hentsch Man AW 2013

"Hentsch Man is a simple, elegant and wearable menswear brand, providing classic wardrobe basics. The products have been designed to emphasise fit, eliminating all fanciful details and ensuring the clothes are flattering. Our collections are compact, offering a handful carefully selected items, rather than a bombardment of too much choice. A one-stop-shop for essential clothing from a classic white shirt, to well-tailored trousers and the occasional quirky piece."
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Hentsch Man is an European menswear brand that places emphasis on creating classic wardrobe basics. Each collection is carefully selected and compacted to offer a one-stop-shop experience. 

Hentsch Man AW 2013 Popped up off of Covent Garden in a lovely store that resembled my childhood sketchings-in a good way. Doodles and cool 'chicken scratch' writing plastered the interior provided an interesting backdrop to showcase the upcoming AW 2013 collection.

Stripes, Dots, Checks, Waves?

Models at the event. Check the boy in the middle, tattoos on his eyelids..

Visit for more info.

All Photos snapped by me on my iPhone.
Thanks to Jiro Hsu for the Invite,
Check her blog @ for LFW coverage 


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