♥ Let Them Eat Cake! ♥

A beautiful photo-story I shot last week with the amazing-and YOUNG Antonia from M&P. This girl loves to eat cake (just like me :D) so when I showed the set to her... she smiled and gobbled up all the goodies. 

This shoot is the first of 2013. It is most certainly my favourite for a number of reasons: I hand-decorated & baked the cakes with my lovely stylist Jiro. We had to test cupcakes to make sure they were not only  screaming 'I'm so cute I bet you don't think I would taste good'. They had to taste scrumptious. There was a lot of mental strain throughout the decoration of the cakes.. The consistency of the icing, the colour combinations (what made purple again?) and trying not to eat everything before shooting. The set is in Twickenham in a sweet house of a dear friend of mine. She was kind enough, not only provide her home, but to provide the accessories and the fine china! I can't not thank her enough, your amazing Lillie !

Also big shout out the beautifully British Antonia for spending the day with us, hope you enjoyed the treats. Needless to say everyone was excited when the shoot ended as we gobbled up everything-including the edible daises!

Photography & Concept by Shannon Tao
Styling by Jiro Hsu @ Elle China
Makeup & Hair by Lillie Russo

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