Oh what do I do with an Afternoon In?

Inspired by all those restless afternoons which I feel strained and burdened from not being able to leave the house. It was during the freakishly lonely Winter vacation I found myself daydreaming of a magical place. In this space I would be able to roam where-ever I wanted, with each step blossoming into beautiful petals. Of course there would be lots and lots of cake topped with decadent frosting and sprinkles. There would be glitter! Oh lots of glitter indeed… Some edible, some just to look pretty.

How I wish, wishes would come true…

Thank you to the lovely team that helped make this shoot so pleasant! We had to duck in and out of rooms while Lillie's family were huddled downstairs. Would not have been possible without Lillie's mom as well! She's the sweetest women I've ever met; not only provided her house as a beautiful location, catered a whole table of goodies for us to devour. This shoot lasted about 6-7 hours…

Jiro just flew in from Taiwan the day before the shoot. Talk about trooper! We cabbed our way to and back, although I really don't remember the journey back as both of us were deep asleep…

Photography & Concept: Shannon Tao
Styling: Jiro Hsu @ Elle China
Makeup & Hair: Lillie Russo

Antonia from MandP Models London

Special thanks to Rosie at MandP Models for sending the dazzling Antonia!
Watch out for this girl! She is on her way to become the next Cara with a much sweeter edge
All the clothes and set designs were gathered from Jiro, Lillie, Lille's moms wardrobe and pantry.

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