I'm an Industrial Child

Industrial Child is a photo-story thats inspired by childhood innocence brought into a contemporary context. What happens when you leave a boy in a industrial ground..

Here are some images from a shoot I did awhile ago with Aston. The whole shoot was done in the worst possible weather conditions… rain, wind and having no shelter in a damp quarry. I was happy to say that it was only through these kind of dreary conditions we were able to capture the "angst" needed.    It was Aston's "first" official shoot kind of as a young model with Premier. Funny enough he got scouted back in Canada (Whooo!) whilst traveling and re-scouted in London a few months later.

Special thanks to the team on this day for all their efforts in keeping Aston warm… 


Photography & Concept- Shannon Tao
Styling- Jiro Hsu
Makeup & Hair - Ji-Yeon Kim
Model- Aston Harrison-Taylor @ Premier Model Management
Thanks to Julien for giving us this lovely boy to work with <3!

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