2 decades old

Turning 20 seemed like a big day to me. I've always felt mature that I've learned to accept but today.. today just made me feel flat out old! Suddenly it was like I was branded into a different stage.. I was no longer a teenager. 
I didn't like this…

What I didn't expect was how amazing it would be to celebrate my birthday.
It was over coffee on a late saturday in April with Jiro that I mentioned my "day" was coming. She looked up at me and told me I needed to do something. Initially dread was all I felt. Some thought was given.. and it dawned on me that I had all this spare time; might as well put it to use! 

It was the loveliest venue; The Modern Pantry in Clerkenwellt hosted my modern brunch with a total of 11 peeps RSVPing.

I don't say this hardly enough but my friends have always been there for me through every stage of my life. I consider this my home just without authentic the Chinese food.

So here they are; the amazing people that make me smile, laugh and cry at the same time.

fanny my swedish lover
subin in the dark ! !  
 Jen & i <3 
Jiro lookin daisy fresh 
marina, jen & fannny <3
simon looking hot.
"am I right???"
turdle lovinnnn 
the mojitos kicked in.
lilliee your the best, your going to hate me for uploading this picture haha
babe with curls ;)

Thank you for coming and making this day worth while.

I hope you guys all enjoyed the day & food as much as I did!

**if you guys want these pics msg me! 

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