Infra, a wonderland?

I remember seeing a series of pictures last year with pink landscapes and writing it off as fake and over-photoshopped. However upon discovering artist Richard Mosse's series Infra I realised there was so much more to these images then the representations of colour.

Richard Mosse is born in Ireland, 1980 but now resides in NY, USA working as an artist.

 This series called Infra uses an absolute military surveillance technology to capture ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a type of Infared colour film called Kodak Aerochrome primarily used to render spectrums of light beyond the human eyes capabilities. The hues captured are translated into a terrain of lavender, crimson and hot pink.

These photographs were taken in his journeys to Congo between 2010-11. During this time he would approach rebel groups to capture their image and switch allegiances through the progression of his work. 

The narrative within the work is expressed through a colossal of visual hues that tell a tale more complicated than what the human eye can tell. 

The following images are from Intra, 2010-2011 all by Richard Mosse

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