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It's been ages since my last post. I feel like I should probably stop starting my blog posts with these apologies as it sets me up to do it again and again. But I feel like today I have something special I want to share so it should be worth it.
I got this tattoo done in Brick Lane yesterday. It was pretty painful.. not going to lie. I had two done in one day, another one is behind my neck, an upside down triangle.

Any who I had a great time with my lovely flat mates nikki and ara eating cupcakes and strolling before engraving this heart onto my shoulder/collarbone. Then another sugar run with geri at Kahailia (totally wrong spelling) eating red velvet cake and coffee. We will be shooting together very soon so everyone will get to meet him :).

It's funny how many emotions can run through a person in a day. 

Yesterday ended with 2 tattoos and a lost iPhone. I really hope that cab driver  is kind enough to of returned my phone, in the meantime I'll just stare at my new tatt and contemplate life.

The other tattoo in case you were wondering is.. whats on my sweatshirt but on my neck.


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