That was me seducing you.

That was me seducing you. 
It needs to be the other way around. 
Thomas Leroy

I re-watched The Black Swan tonight with friends and it was so much better this time. It didn't help that the first time I watched the film was on a 12 hour flight with my mom. If you guys haven't seen it, it includes lesbian sex, masturbation and graphic hang nail ripping (lovely). But it was the dialogue and emotion that got me.. The tension Natalie Portman portrayed in her face was so believable. I was completely immersed in the film and screaming at some points because I was frustrated with her (The Gentleman played by Vincent Cassel. Out of all the lines he had.. one really stood out. So I'm using it to describe how I felt while shooting Sasha. It's a seduction both ways, (although the shoot really wasn't as sexy as it looks). I filmed bits of our shooting for a future project but because I lost my Iphone recently... that won't ever be seen. Which really sucks cause Sasha played his role spectacularly well.

Sasha V at Premier Model Management London

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