Amsterdam Feels From 2013

This didn't happen yesterday, this didn't happen last week, this trip to Amsterdam with my lovely friend Subin was back in the year 2013. I have quite a lot I wanted to get off my chest lately but feel like I can't talk to anyone around me. I seen to foresee the judgement before it begins and I thought what better time then now to jumpstart my blog again. I won't promise to update frequently but I am sharing intimate adventures which are always fun to read and browse.

I'm been lurking the media realms on the internet for quite some time now and wanted to churn some content back into the world wide web.
Boarding the easyjet flight from London Gatwick airport to Amsterdam ^_^! Wheee even looking at these photos remind me of the thrill of traveling to a new destination!

Sorry in advance, Im pretty stiff from blogging, writing my thoughts or even creating coherent sentences. I've been for the most part inactive this past year and a half. But I'm trying to change so stay with me ;)

The Amsterdam Airport I believe, shouldve taken one of those touristy photos.. oh well next time :)!

I picked up this disposable in a boots at the airport.. but I actually don't know where this little camera ended up.. still on the hunt. Maybe it will turn up in the next few years :/

I think I arrived in Amsterdam before Su as she was coming in from Kingston! This is us being reunited at the Flying Pig hostel ^____^ <3

Celebratory pints and half pints, I don't know the difference tbh. I hardly ever drink.. so basically drinks on the table :)

I snagged an egg from the hostel breakfast and eating it with some Apple Cake at the gallery :P

I want one of these in my room. Surely this reflection will brighten your day :P


Amsterdam's Flag is pretty sick. It really suits the capitals image.

Haha... I guess this was taken on one of nights out in Amsterdam by Su? I'm not 100% sure anymore but I found someone who had a matching shirt! When in doubt, dance it off.

Trying on a pair of boots by a legendary designer whos name I will come to link...

Passing by a beautiful restaurant as the sunset in the city. By now I was alone in the city as Subin has left to go back to Kingston. Solo Strolls :)
I forgot how to smile over the years :/ #gloomy#Selfie

Haha here is a cute lil birdy keeping my company while I wait for the bus in amsterdam. This is probably the start of my trip but I thought I'd stick it here because these moments remind me of london but replace that cute birdy with a club-toed pigeon. That sounds about right..

I also wanted to share this link which I discovered on my subscription to Emerald Street which ended up looping me over to a UK publication called Stylist.

Thats all I have to share for now! Take care everyone <3


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