I think I had the most riveting today. I have a new found love as well as respect for photographers work ing with film. The act itself is a scientific experiment what with the mixing of chemicals and measuring of various fixers.

After an entire day of working in the darkroom, fumbling with reels, film and being thoroughly disspointed with rolls of film which came up blank :(… I managed to salvage images of my lovely model and friend Marina.

All images were shot & styled by Shannon Tao.
Gorgeous Marina B modeling!

Thanks girlies who were in for the shoot on the day!
Half the day was spent eating home-made scones-made by yours truly :) and the other shooting. But really not much shooting happened today, we were all really excited to use a medium format.

Just a side note, expect lots of analogue photography to be featured on my blog from now on. I absolutely adore the process of creating the image & value each shot so much more.

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