Min Pin Tien’s collection showcased a range of uplifting materials from brown suedes to soft pastels panels. The London College of Fashion graduate drew inspirations from films such as Flowers of War and Nanking! Nanking! Colors ranged from earthy greens to petal pinks weighted with heavier accents calling in the forms of metal buckles and dark panel details. Each garment descended down the runway teething with youthful buoyance and innocence. We saw over-sized silhouettes in coats as well as denser knit pieces. Looks were also capped with soft white beanies and matching soft hued poms-poms. The collection showcased Ming’s knowledge and innovation as graphic lines were patched across the knits.

We see Minimalism in a youthful light but still contrasting with undertones of the harshness of war. A combination of wear-ability and nostalgic memories paired with a beautiful soundtrack from Wankelmut; One Day/Reckoning Song flooded the Freemason’s Hall.

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