Yellow Checks

Styling some outfits I wear!

I love shopping on the high street, especially since they've become quite skilled at copying designer items… One of my favourite new pieces for spring is this yellow checkered coat! I ran up and down oxford street trying to get this in a size XS. Strangely enough I like tight coats… Thankfully for the 3 Zara's I found in Soho, I snapped up this baby :).

It reminds me of this:
Louis Vuitton SS13

Now that I'm looking at this image I wouldn't say it was completely ripped off, merely inspired. After all you can't claim yellow checkers can you….

Some more extras from the shoot with jiro!

coat- Zara
sweater- Zara
skirt- H&M
shoes- Cheap Monday
bag- H&M

That's all for now :)

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